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About Me

The greatest photographs reveal so much more than a pretty face or a flawless smile, they open a sacred window and grant a glimpse into a beautiful soul. -Jeremy

About Me

Hmm… trying to condense myself into a pretty little package that will entice potential clients and wow casual observers. This should be fun. I’m much more of an oddity that people look at because it’s just so bizarre that you can’t help but stare.

I’m a tech nerd. I live on a small farm with cows, sheep, goats, a pig or two, and lots and lots of chickens. I don’t own any cowboy boots, buckles, hats, paraphernalia. I’m a hard-core book addict. Fiction, non-fiction, business, zombie (big apocalyptic end of the world scenario story fan), classic literature, modern humor, drama, etc… Half way through writing my first book too!

Let’s see… I’m married. Marriage is great… most of the time. I have three remarkable daughters who make my world go round or make it spin… a little bit of both I suspect. I’m what you’d call an outgoing introvert. I love getting around people, and then I like to crawl back into my cave and spend hours contemplating life, existence, and how to best eat a bowl of lucky charms.

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a very religious guy, but I would be seriously remiss if I talked about things that were important to me without saying that I thank God every day (or at least try to) for this remarkable life I live, and the outlandishly extravagant kindness He shows to me on a daily basis. But I still cuss sometimes. Okay, that’s a lie… I cuss quite a bit. He’s perfect, I’m not.

hmmm… haven’t gotten to the photography part yet…



Photography is more than a hobby or job for me. I picked up my first camera many years ago while working in a small one hour photo lab. I’ve been in love with it ever since. I started shooting weddings professionally about 15 years ago. I’ve lost count of how many weddings I’ve photographed, but I think it’s somewhere between 2 and 3 …hundred. Yes, that’s with two zeros.

I’ve taken over a million pictures, and yet every time I pick up my camera, i’m still excited to see what’s going to appear show up in that lens. I love the language of photography. I love that a well-crafted photograph transcends time, language, and culture and communicates something about the person being photographed.

I love to think that some of the images I’ve taken will be viewed and cherished for decades to come… and more. If we don’t somehow mess up the world and wind up going extinct, and if the Lord stalls that whole second coming thing for a bit longer, the advent of digital photography means that the images we capture today will still be as crisp and colorful (or black and white) hundreds or even thousands of years from now.

Think about it, wouldn’t it be fascinating to scroll through a facebook feed belonging to your great great great great… (you get the idea) grandmother or grandfather. Wouldn’t it be simply marvelous to see a photo of them laughing as children with their parents, or displaying their most fleek expressions in their senior photos, and wouldn’t it be something beautiful to see them sharing an intimate moment on their wedding day… (I shoot all those things btw…. shameless plug) Photography is, more than ever before, truly a timeless medium of art that I really do cherish as such.

So yeah, I could talk for hours about photography because I love the multifaceted stories that great photographs tell, and I’d be honored for the privilege of telling yours.

Big introverted love,

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